A close of a router.


What Is Geotargeting?

Geotargeting is used on many websites to determine a visitors location. IP, WiFI, or GPS data can be used.

Depending on the geotargeting method used, you can find out which zip/post code, city, region, country, & continent your website visitors are from, along with their latitude and longitude coordinates.

Geotargeting can also be used to determine if your visitor is using a VPN (Virtual Private Network)or which ISP (Internet Service Provider) they are using.

That’s quite a variety of location information, which can be used to help deliver location specific content, redirect visitors to specific websites or show location based adverts.

What Is GeoIp

GeoIP is a data set from MaxMind which contains location information for a vast range of IP addresses. MaxMind offer a variety of GeoIp data sets, some of which are free.