About SRHartley.com …and me.

Fansipan, Sapa, Vietnam  - The Highest Mountain In South East
Mount Fansipan, Vietnam.

Hello, my name is Simon Hartley. I am a dad, husband and entrepreneur, who works from home when the little one is sleeping.

I launched SRHartley.com quite recently in 2015, to serve as a general interest and personal website, featuring content on anything of interest to me, which I want to share with you.

My Interests

Me and my son Theo
With the arrival of our baby boy, I've added parenting to my list of interests.

My key interests include topics within the realms of business (especially entrepreneurship & online marketing), personal development, science, technology, travel, and web development.

I have an inquisitive mind and my interests are varied so topics covered on this site may appear to be quite random in nature.

Leisure wise, I have a predisposition for outdoor pursuits and enjoy being outside. However, as I am passionate about developing this website I am indoors a lot!

My Background

I am educated to degree level achieving a First-class Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology from City University, London (equivalent US GPA falls between 3.7 – 4.0). I didn’t pursue a career in Psychology, however, the study, research & analytical skills I learnt during my course have been invaluable to me throughout my adult life.

Back in 1999, (not long after graduating), when personal computers had come of age & the internet started to take off, I assembled my first computer and took my first programming class.

I’ve been interested in computers since. I am a self-taught web programmer, and have also completed courses in web design and image adaptation (Photoshop). I try to keep up to date with HTML, CSS, and PHP languages and have working knowledge of JavaScript, JQuery and MySQL.

Aims & Objectives Of This Website

As with any endeavor, it’s important to have clear goals from the start. These are mine.

1 – Share Information With Others

My first aim is to share with you a diverse collection of articles covering topics which have interested me at some point.

On most days, I come across new ideas, new ways of doing things or snippets of information which could be documented and made available to others. This is a place for me to share such content.

2 – Provide Reference Material For Learning

I am usually learning something and find I can cement my understanding of a topic by sharing what I have learnt with others.

My wife is Filipino, so one section of this site features information on the Filipino language. I am frequently learning from and adding to these language pages.

By publishing my notes online, I can access them from any device, anytime and from anywhere.

3 – Archive Files

This site is a place where I can archive files and share personal content with friends and family.

As the weeks, months and years go by, my personal collection of loosely organized digital photos and videos continue to grow in size.

I rarely look at photographs I have taken in the past and hope to change this by creating photo albums on this site.

Access to such content may be restricted to friends and family, although I aim to make my travel photos available to everyone.

As this site contains both general reference and personal content I have arranged the main navigation menu to reflect these different types.

4 – Fitness & Activity Log

A section of this website is devoted to personal fitness. I enjoy running, walking, and spearfishing (when conditions allow), and will log these activities here.

5 – A place to experiment

With an interest in web development, this site is somewhere I can experiment with code, layout and design. It’s a place to develop my computing skills.

Some of the things I create will be published, some won’t. Some things will work in most browsers, some won’t.

With the content management system I use, along with the theme I have developed, I aim to make publishing and editing content on this site as painless as possible.

6 – Recommend Products & Services

This site is also a place where I review and recommend various products and services which are of interest to me

Where relevant, I have placed adverts and affiliate links which promote products and services I hope will also be of benefit to you.

With the affiliate links, I receive a modest commission from any purchase you may make through them.

With the ‘general’ adverts (non affiliate links) placed throughout this site, I have less control as to which companies and products are promoted, as they are served from 3rd party networks such as Google Adsense and the Yahoo/Bing advertising platform.

It’s my name on this website and my reputation matters to me. If for some reason you are not happy with any of the products I have reviewed, recommended or suggested please let me know.

The content on this site is free to view and I hope you some derive some value from it.

7 – Leave A Digital Footprint

A final aim is to create a digital footprint in the online world, which will remain after I have gone. Perhaps one day, my son will maintain this website and also be inspired to create his own.

I hope you find something of interest and value within this siteSimon Hartley