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Filipino Questions – Basic

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This page features basic question words for English and Filipino (Tagalog).
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English - Filipino Questions
English Filipino (Tagalog)
What? Ano?
When? Kailan?
Where? (context: place) Saan?
Where? (context: where is/are) Nasaan?
Who? Sino?
How? Paano?
How many? Ilan?
How much? (context: quantity, distance) Gaano?
How much? (context: price) Magkano?
Filipino - English Questions
Filipino (Tagalog) English
Ano? What?
Kailan? When?
Saan? Where? (context: place)
Nasaan? Where? (context: where is/are)
Sino? Who?
Paano? How?
Ilan? How many?
Gaano? How much? (context: quantity, distance)
Magkano? How much? (context: price)

For some questions in English, there are different words in Filipino, depending on the context in which the question is asked.

Take the English word 'Where', for example. In Filipino, when asking where a place is in, we use the word saan?, and when asking where is/are something we use nasaan?

Just knowing that there can be differences may help you remember the correct version to use.