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Kelvin To Rankine Formula

Use this formula to convert a temperature in Rankine (K) to Kelvin (°R).

Rankine (°R) = Kelvin x 1.8

If required, there are worked examples below which use this formula to show how to convert a temperature in Kelvin to a temperature in Rankine.

As with any math calculation and conversion, it's good practice to double check your results. If you are using this formula for your own conversions, you can check your result with the Kelvin to Rankine calculator.

Temperature scales are usually named after the person who created them. The temperature scales used in this formula were created by William Thomson, Baron Kelvin (1824-1907) and William John Macquorn Rankine (1820-1872).

The Rankine scale was proposed in 1859, whilst the Kelvin scale was proposed 11 years earlier in 1848. It's probable that William Rankine created this formula for converting Kelvin to Rankine.

How To Convert Kelvin To Rankine

Using the Kelvin to Rankine formula: Rankine (°R) = Kelvin x 1.8, these examples show how to convert a temperature in Kelvin to Rankine.

Worked Example 1

How To Convert 300 Kelvin (K) to Rankine (°R)

°R = 300 x 1.8
= 540 °R
therefore, 300 Kelvin (K) is equal to 540 Rankine (°R)

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Worked Example 2

How To Convert 200 Kelvin (K) to Rankine (°R)

°R = 200 x 1.8
= 360 °R
therefore, 200 Kelvin (K) is equal to 360 Rankine (°R)

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Albert Einstein & his impostor are shown for illustrative purposes.
William John Macquorn Rankine (1820-1872), is the proponent of the Rankine temperature scale.

Formula Or Equation?

Is a formula, an equation, or both used to convert Rankine to Kelvin?

I regard the formulae* , on the Calculate and Convert section of this website, as being formulae and equations - each formula is in the form of an equation.

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